Via Connect

Via Connect is a unique HL7 interface engine that gets all ADT and outpatient data from HL7 text files, analyzes it automatically and insets it into database of your HIS in a simple organized manner.

With Via Connect, say good bye to ordinary database manipulation and do not bother how HL7 details are going to be interchanged within your HIS, because Via Connect is designed to work as a go-between for different systems; it monitors different types of interfaces & communication points including all possibilities of HL7 message standards. Set your own preferences and tell the system how to work, Via Connect performs actions according to pre-configured rules defined by the user.

Medical Portal

Via e-business solutions will facilitate all your business tasks. It is the kind of solution that will enable you to work smarter and not harder. Imagine a SINGLE point of access for all your activities and resources, a gate for all information; where users can manage all their daily work in a clear, smooth yet efficient way! It is not a dream; it is Via Portals.

This amazing portal collects data from all applications available at your organization and presents it in a well-defined manageable way.

It contains but not limited to:

  • Via CMS.
  • Tasks.
  • E-mails.
  • Reports and Statistics.
  • AUTHENTICATION and Authorization… and more

Via Doc.

Our proposed solution aimed to dramatically improve document archival and retrieval operations by employing the most advanced available ViaDoc products and technologies.

This solution includes:

  • ViaDoc image services.
  • ViaDoc scanning and image processing component.
  • ViaDoc IDM desktop.
  • ViaDoc WEB services.
  • AUTHENTICATION and Authorization… and more

Key benefits:

  • Quick, multiple, remote access to OTA files.
  • Reducing the archiving costs and the required storage space..
  • Improving productivity, communications and quality of customer service.
  • Eliminating the risk of no backup for the physical files.

Via Capture

Via capture is the innovative solution to convert backlog (paper-based documents) into electronic based format with smart indexing, allowing easy access to information.

Via capture offers scan, view/edit image (brightness, size, etc…), delete, import, cut, sort, and forward options all through one application, which add time value to the whole digitizing process.

Unique features:

  • User friendly application.
  • Different output options (tiff, others).
  • Faster processing (scan/import) time.
  • The ability to handle each document independently (rescan or reject).
  • Creating multiple users and defining their privileges.
  • Smart forward tool ensuring smooth workflow.
  • Smart search engine (MRN search).
  • Distinctive Reporting module.
  • Advanced view panel.

Our Solutions

VMT is an enterprise that aims to facilitate doctor's work and save their time by means of dictating and transcribing diagnosis.

  • Via Look
  • Via Fly
  • Via Talk
  • Via Printing Manager
  • Via Notify
  • Speech Recognition

Our Services

  • Medical Portal
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Via CodeFinder.
  • Medical Integration.
  • Medical dictation & transcription products.
  • Medical transcription outsourcing services.

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