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Medical Integration

Software solutions used to extract, transform and integrate different types of data are the foundation for any organization. Via Technology provides powerful integration solution to help ease the interchange of data between different software applications within hospitals.


In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations are challenged to improve operational efficiencies while at the same time generate better value and deliver better customer experiences. Via Technology International range of e-Business solutions will provide you with stability and efficiency in a business environment challenged by continuous change. Our solutions were carefully developed by our team of e-Business specialists using best-of-breed technology to ensure that our solutions will not only meet but will exceed customers’ expectations.

Empower your organization with our cutting edge innovative solutions:

  • Medical Portal.
  • Business Process Management.
  • Via Work-flow.
  • Enterprise Content Management.
  • ERP Solutions.

Business Process Management

Via BPM is the solution for you, it’s a unique business process management system for administrators which focuses on the automation of business processes, integrates human-driven processes in which human interaction takes place, facilitates workflows with striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with other technologies in the organization. Automatically manage organization activities, tasks, mail, reports, employees and their performance in collaboration and integration with your other internal systems.

Via BPMS suite components and features are:

  • Work-flow Engine – a robust platform for executing process-based applications, including business rules and work flows
  • Reports Engine – for generating comprehensive reports for ease of monitoring and Keeping track of all requests.
  • Tasks, users and Emails Management.
  • Content management — provides a system for storing and securing electronic documents, images and other files.
  • Monitor employee's performance with a fantastic monitoring screen.
  • Increasing visibility of associated data and information.
  • Integrating with existing systems.
  • Establishing a common language for business alignment.

Via Work-flow

Via WorkFlow is a simple solution with powerful results that will help you bring your strategies into realities.

Via WorkFlow gives your organization the chance to:

  • Reduce paper handling and error-prone manual processes.
  • Reduce paper storage.
  • Reduce documents loss.
  • Faster access to information.
  • Improve control over documents and document-oriented processes.
  • Security over document access and modification.
  • Improve tracking and monitoring, with the ability to identify bottlenecks and modify the system to improve efficiency.

Our Solutions

VMT is an enterprise that aims to facilitate doctor's work and save their time by means of dictating and transcribing diagnosis.

  • Via Look
  • Via Fly
  • Via Talk
  • Via Printing Manager
  • Via Notify
  • Speech Recognition

Our Services

  • Medical Portal
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Via CodeFinder.
  • Medical Integration.
  • Medical dictation & transcription products.
  • Medical transcription outsourcing services.

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