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Our Solutions

VMT is an enterprise that aims to facilitate doctor's work and save their time by means of dictating and transcribing diagnosis.

  • Via Look
  • Via Fly
  • Via Talk
  • Via Printing Manager
  • Via Notify
  • Speech Recognition

Our Services

  • Medical Portal
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Via CodeFinder.
  • Medical Integration.
  • Medical dictation & transcription products.
  • Medical transcription outsourcing services.

Contact Us

Address UAE:1007 Gold Crest Towers, JLT, Dubai, UAE, P. O. Box 634353
Tel.:+ 971-4451-3031
FAX: + 971-4451-3098
Address Egypt:1Saudi Company Towers Nozha St. Nasr City
Tel.: + 202-2290-7174
FAX:+ 202-2415-5624